Khamenei tacitly acknowledgement of his regime’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons

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“It is forbidden to halt, if we stop moving forward we will be thrown back… We are moving closer to the peak. When we achieve the peaks, the enmities and hostilities will stop.”
Speaking on the anniversary of Khomeini’s death, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,  tacitly acknowledged his regime’s nuclear weapons projects.  Khamenei said that when nuclear weapons are obtained all the animosities towards his regime will end.

While referring to his regime’s “advances” in “the fields such as nuclear and Nano technology, stem cell and airspace (missile technology), he said: “You, the great people, over the past three decades have set a record. Therefore you should continue unabated towards the peak… halting on this path is forbidden. The move towards the peak will neutralize any obstacles created by the enemy including the sanctions… The Iranian nation now is on its path to the peak.  When it reaches the peak the enmities and hostilities will stop.” 
His remarks clearly show the conclusions he has drawn from the Libyan experience.  Following the fall of the Libyan dictator, he told his regime’s high ranking officials that Qaddafi would not have been overthrown if had not relinquished his nuclear project and had obtained nuclear weapons.
Khamenei tried to cover up his regime’s meddling in the countries of the region by claiming that the related issues are rooted in the “Islamic character“  of the movements in those countries.  “The movements and revolutions in the region in Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and other countries with having fire under ashes are clear examples of reaching justice under Islam,” and “the character of the movements in the region are Islamic awareness,” he said.
Khamenei’s Friday remarks clearly demonstrate to what extent is in vain to have hopes in negotiations with this regime and to what extent it is dangerous to continue to repeat in Moscow the experience of talks in Istanbul and Baghdad by ignoring the UN Security Council resolutions while all the evidence indicate that Iranian regime is speeding up its nuclear weapons project.
The Iranian Resistance calls for comprehensive sanctions against the clerical regime and reiterates that the only solution to the its nuclear weapons program is regime change by the Iranian people and their Resistance.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 4, 2012

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