Solidarity March 2019
Iranian American Communities’ Solidarity March with Iranian People for Regime Change

June 21, 2019 – Washington, DC
Across the White House and Department of State

Supporting Iranian People’s Uprising
Saturday, January 13, 2018 | Long Beach, California
Iranian Americans, members of California Society for Democracy in Iran, network member of the Organization of Iranian American Communities-US (OIAC) in solidarity with Iranian people’s uprising against tyrannical rulers in Iran, sponsored a rally that was well-received in Long Beach, California. The Iranian people supporters condemned the fascist regime of Iran and demanded immediate release of detained protesters in Iran. The world community should support Iranian people rid of the terrorist regime of Iran, for the sake of global peace.

CSDI Co-Sponsors the Human Rights Photo Exhibition Organized by OIAC

Iranian Americans at CSDI Policy Briefing at Chapman University

Members of Congress Address Iran Policy at OIAC Events Sponsored by CSDI

Policy on Iran Event Sponsored by CSDI