Waves of Executions Across Iran One Prisoners Hanged Every Three Hours

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Mrs. Rajavi calls on the international community for an urgent action to stop the increasing number of executions in Iran

The clerical regime ruling Iran, engulfed by internal and external crises, has increased the number of executions in an unprecedented way hanging 57 prisoners only during seven days. This means hanging one prisoner  in every three hours. This is while secret executions continue unabated.

On May 21, Mullah’s regime reported that 14 prisoners were hanged together in a group execution in Tehran. The regime did not release any details about their identities or the location where the executions took place. On the same day, three other prisoners were hanged in the city of Shiraz located south of Iran.
Additionally, according to Iranian state-run media on May 20, another three prisoners were hanged in northern city of Sari and Sanandaj in the west.  Also in Northwest city of Ardebil three prisoners were hanged on May 17 and on the same day two young men were hanged in Isfahan in central Iran.  A woman was among seven other prisoners who were hanged together in Kermanshah in the west on May 15.  Also a man was reported hanged in Tehran on the same day.
During the same period, at least 24 other prisoners have been secretly hanged by the criminals ruling in Iran, 16 of which were hanged collectively in a group execution in central Yazd city.  This group included 4 women and 5 Afghan nationals.  Another seven more hangings took place in Rasht in the north and one more in Kermanshah. 
The mullahs’ regime, incapable of coping with increasing internal and external crises, has intensified suppression throughout the country and in particular has raised the number of cruel executions in order to increase fear and intimidation in the society and to quell public protests and dissent.
Mrs. Rajavi called on the United Nations Security Council, U.N. Human Rights Council, U.N. High Commissioner of Human Rights, UN Secretary General and all international defenders of human rights to condemn the increasing number of executions in Iran .She called for an urgent action to stop these criminal acts. She emphasized that silence and inaction in face of all this cruelty and bloodshed is a disregard of all international human rights values and principles.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 24, 2012

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