MEK June 23 VillePinte Trans-Atlantic Convention- Support Democracy In Iran

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International decry over malfeasance in US State Department over the FTO listing of MEK; endangering lives of thousands in Camp Liberty and Iran, demanding Camp liberty recognized as Refugee Camp.
72 years ago today, General Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the French Resistance, announced the start of resistance against Nazism while in exile. His voice still resonates today in the Iranian resistance: “Whatever happens, the flames of resistance must not be and will not be extinguished.”

The past three decades have been the most turbulent in the Middle East. The eye of the storm has been Iran. The main element that can capsize the balance for Peace in the region is a pro-democratic group (MEK), feared by Tehran. The group has repeated one message all along its epic struggle against the religious fascists in Iran:
The only pathway for a rational and practical solution for the Iranian crisis is a democratic change brought about by the people and their organized resistance.
This call has been echoed recently in a statement released by the International Committee In Search of Justice, composed of 4000 Parliamentarians; the Bahrain Parliament and the Dutch Senate.
In retrospect the lesson, we learn from the past thee decades is the irrefutable failure of the West and its Policy of bowing to the Ayatollahs. The concept of “changing the nature” of a python to kiss and not bite is as foolish and illusionary as the methodology of begging for “a rational stance” from the mediaeval killers of the Iranian people.  
The insatiable nature of a tyranny built on the prism of “religious supremacy”; claiming to represent God on Earth and manipulating religion to build an unprecedented worldwide ‘sect,” cannot be quenched with diplomatic ‘tango’.
For years, the resistance group has engaged its human, financial and organizational resources in making this reality a fact for hallucinated pundits and policy makers who have taken the credit for prolonging the regime’s rule for two more decades. Despite their complicity in crimes committed by this regime, these policy makers have failed to provide it with legitimacy and stability it should gain from a public and popular vote.
The message has been crystal clear:
-It has been proven that a viper will never give birth to a dove, meaning that this regime cannot be reformed and the notion of moderation within the velayat-e faqih regime [absolute clerical rule] is a mere myth.
-It has been proven that no alternatives can be found within the ruling theocracy and during  an endless cycle of eliminating its splinters and increasingly closing its ranks, the regime is devouring its own factions, just as it has weakened; Moussav;Rafsanjan;Khatami and even Ahmadinejad.
-It has been proven that this regime is demagogic and inhumane; that it cannot stay in power without committing torture, execution and hangings; without war and export of crisis and terrorism.
– It has been proven that it will not tolerate any submission to neutralizing its quest for the nuclear arsenal and with the masterly sleight of hand will use every tactic to buy time and complete its objective. 
The regime’s pleas for incentives, appeasement and conciliation, as well as the terrorist designation coupled with bloody attacks on its main opposition: a multi-billion dollar smear campaign and mobilization of all pro-ayatollah pundits to fabricating mystery stories against its’ most serious opponents, has acted as a lever to forestall the tide of change that would have brought the mullahs’ downfall. However, it has not extinguished the flame of resistance.
The 5 plus one in return, have done everything possible to provide hurdles, setbacks and obstacles, in complete harmony with Tehran’s objective, to enchain the opposition movement and its untapped reserves.
The Europeans learnt their lesson in 2009 and de-proscribed the MEK(PMOI) after a long duress of legal defeat and scandal. The US, however, has yet to learn from that experience. 
A complimentary incentive for Tehran before the latest nuclear talks was when the US State Department delayed the overdue de-listing of the group to the complete relocation of Ashraf residents to “Prison Liberty.”
The heavy cost of which does not concern white-collar bureaucrats of the White House or Capitol Hill because it is already being paid in blood by dissidents, activists and MEK supporters in Iran. Every three hours one political prisoner is being executed in Iran. 
Last year according to participants, at least 90,000 people gathered in Villepinte-Paris, France. The gathering hosted a spectacular platform of unity in the presence of hundreds of politicians and parliamentarians from Europe, America and the Middle East. The declaration of support of 4000 parliamentarians’ majorities of 30 parliaments, 5000 mayors in Europe and 3000 religious emissaries from Europe and the United States were among the list of achievements announced to the gathering..
This year the occasion is on June 23 with a broader agenda to declare support for the Iranian Resistance under the leadership of their charismatic leader Maryam Rajavi.
It will be the most glamorous and unique congregation of anti-fundamentalist, pro-democratic elements worldwide. 
The grandeur of the 2011gathering was explained by Andrew card, White House Chief of Staff (2001-2006) as a great reflection of support for the Iranian Resistance (PMOI);
 “It is truly time for the people all over the world who care about democracy to stand with the Iranian people and the PMOI in the struggle for democracy.”
Henri Leclerc, prominent European Attorney, Honorary President of the League of Human Rights highlighted one major letdown in his speech ;
“It was a disgrace to treat those who fulfill their right to resist against a tyrannical regime as terrorists. I would like to address President Obama from here and say: Yes, Mr. Obama, for some time, you were an example of the American Dream for us here. We believe that the people of the United States are not complicit in crimes. But, you cannot keep the residents of Ashraf on the terror list and thereby provide an excuse for their deaths. They are the representatives and spokespersons for all resistance activists everywhere. We must end labeling them as terrorists, and we must support the Iranian people with all our might. It is with certainty that they will attain their freedom.”
Mr. Sistani has been a prominent political prisoner who escaped Iranian dungeons in April 2011 and has endured 17 years and 8 months of torture and interrogation by the Iranian Intelligence service.

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