Iranian-Americans from California Will Rally in DC to Support Iran Regime Change by Iranians

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CONTACT: Hamid Azimi
JUNE 17, 2019
PHONE: 415-652-1525


ALBANY, CA – The Iranian American Community of Northern California and the California Society for Democracy in Iran (in southern California) are thrilled to join several thousand Iranians on Friday, June 21, across from the State Department, to support regime change by Iranians.

Our message is simple: The ruling theocracy has been at war with the people of Iran and the international community and is escalating its warmongering and terrorism.

The thousands at the rally will urge the recognition of the Iranian people’s right to overthrow this murderous regime and call for a firm policy and the continuation of maximum pressure.

The four-decade-long policy of appeasement and turning a blind eye on the regime’s brazen transgressions have only emboldened the world’s leading per capita executioner of its citizens and the most active state sponsor of terrorism.

The United States should designate the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and expand sanctions to other sectors of the regime’s economy, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s office (Bait).

It is time to hold the theocracy to account for its decades of terrorism and warmongering policies.

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