US, EU share unified strategy towards regime: Iranian MP

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According to a news report by the state-run Fars News Agency, a former member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament) Security and Foreign Policy Commission expressed concern over the US and EU’s mutual opinion against the clerical dictatorship saying “The EU and US have a unified strategy towards the establishment (Iran), and the strategy of the Republicans and Democrats against the Islamic Republic is also the same”. 

Ali Ahmadi, a member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis Security and Foreign Policy Commission said: “The Europeans do not trust the Islamic Republic. Currently, Iran’s activities in the Middle East and its policies in this region are not favored by the Europeans, and Iran’s role in Syria counters that of the Europeans. These sanctions are in response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional policies towards Syria”.
“In the US’ foreign policy strategy towards Iran, there is a consensus between the Republicans and Democrats, that they consider the Islamic Republic of Iran as ‘part of the problem’ in the region and globally, than ‘part of the solution’”, added Ahmadi regarding which party wins the election.
Regarding the regime’s nuclear program crisis and the IAEA, Ahmadi said: “Amano has turned the Agency (IAEA) into an observatory of Iran’s nuclear issues. Currently, the International Atomic Energy Agency has turned into an observatory that is constantly observing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s activities, and is reporting to players that are in conflict with Iran. In fact, there is an unofficial cooperation between the Agency, the US and European countries to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this trend is unstoppable and will still continue after the US election.”

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