Iran Uprising

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For Immediate Release
July 10, 2009
Contact: Nasser Sharif Tel: 562-221-8000
Iran Uprising

Following 30 years of brutality against the Iranian people and especially since the post-election nationwide protests, both the purported pragmatists and conservatives in the Iranian government are tarnished. Iranian people, informed politicians, and progressive leaders here in the United States have long argued, often while enduring unjust criticism, that Iran’s system of governance as well as its political/clerical elite are void of religious and electoral legitimacy.

The California Society for Democracy in Iran expresses solidarity with the protesters in Iran and rejects the mullahs for creating a virtual dictatorship enforced by an increasing violent security apparatus. Likewise, our deepest gratitude is reserved for brave and progressive members of U.S. Congress who have in the past and still today stand by the Iranian people and their just resistance.

Chairman Bob Filner (D-CA), a founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and co-chair of the Iran Human Rights and Democracy caucus (IHRDC) is a leading politician who has stood by our community and the people in Iran. On July 2006, Mr. Filner said that, “In order to prevent war, we must support the Iranian people and their resistance for a democratic change in Iran.” On June 30, 2007, Rep. Filner warned about Iran’s increasing use of terror both inside and outside of Iran and urged the international community to refrain from appeasing Iran. He noted, “No to War! But, we also must understand that the appeasement of a brutally oppressive dictatorial expansionist government in Iran will never lead to prosperity and freedom. It is short sighted to think that economic gains dished out by the mullahs are strong enough reasons to justify ignoring the horrific violations of human rights…” “The Iranian regime’s aggressive policies are rooted in the growing weakness of the mullahs,” he wrote in May 2008, and thus foretold of their illegitimacy. He added, “The unrelenting assault on the civil and human rights of the Iranian people is a direct response to the unpopularity and illegitimacy of the extremist theocratic government.” (Don’t Enable Iran’s Offenses, San Jose Mercury; May 15, 2008) The recent protests by Iranians have certainly validated this progressive and peaceful stance.

As co-chair of the IHRDC, Representative Dan Rohrabacher is another congressional leader who has also stood in solidarity with the Iranian people. On June 18, 2009, he expressed “solidarity with the brave youth, students, and women of Iran who for the past few days so unequivocally rejected the oppressive government ruling over them.” Mr. Rohrabacher has reflected the general will of the Iranian people and supported our community in bringing about “a secular, democratic and non-nuclear Iran.” As he noted recently, “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-appointment will surely lead to a rise in suppression of the Iranian people and purge the opponents within the government itself. It will also hasten Iran’s drive towards nuclear capability.”

The California Society for Democracy in Iran calls on Iranian-American Communities, NGO’s, governmental organizations, concerned citizens, and political leaders to take an active role in confronting the barbarism emanating from Iran. “The Iranian people are imbued with democratic aspirations and a well-organized resistance movement.” (Bob Filner; SJM; May 15, 2009)

We urge everyone to embrace this peaceful resistance.

The California Society for Democracy in Iran
2892 Bellflower Blvd, Suite # 276
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