UN nuclear watchdog official: Iranian regime cannot hide nuclear traces at Parchin

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parchinNCRI – The United Nations nuclear watchdog official Stephan Vogt said it would be virtually impossible for any regime to completely hide traces of nuclear material – and his experts could detect particles that were 10,000 times smaller than a grain of sand.

The IAEA has been demanding access to the Iranian regime’s sprawling Parchin military base to hunt for clues that it is being used to build an atomic bomb.

In 2003, the Iranian Resistance successfully exposed evidence that the Kala-electric company’s cover as a watch-making factory was actually a nuclear facility.

Despite extensive cleaning done by the regime when an IEAE team, inspectors finally gained access to the factory they successfully uncovered traces of enriched uranium, forcing the regime to admit it had carried out nuclear activity at the site.

Now Mr Vogt – head of the IAEA’s sample laboratory – has told the Reuters news agency on Wednesday: “You cannot get rid of nuclear traces by cleaning, you cannot dilute them to the extent that we will not be able to pick them up. It is just a matter of time.

“We won’t find it maybe the first time we go there, but the more often we go, the higher the probability that we will pick up traces in some corner, at some table, in some plumbing.”

Former chief IAEA inspector Olli Heinonen said any attempt by Iranian regime to purge Parchin, near the capital Tehran, of clues would make the agency’s task considerably harder, but he added: “Complete sanitization is very difficult to achieve if nuclear materials were actually used.”

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