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California Society for Democracy in Iran welcomes the new U.S. policy vis-a-vis the Iranian regime by placing the Iranian Revolutionary GuardĀ Corp (IRGC) on the terror list and recognizing that the regime is not synonymous with the Iranian people and their aspirations.

The terrorist IRGC is the main instrument of criminal oppression in Iran and export of terrorism and fundamentalism in the entire Middle East region. Placing IRGC on the terror list and imposing sanctions are welcome and applauded by every patriotic and freedom loving Iranian. We continue to rejoice in the increased-pressure placed on the mullah’s dictatorial regime.

The new American policy pertaining to Iran must end the decades-old policy of appeasement which the people of Iran and the Middle East have paid a heavy price as a result. The new policy to be effective must recognize the rights of the Iranian people to resist against the mullah’s tyrannical regime, and support the just and democratic resistance of Iranians, namely the National Council of Resistance of Iran led by President-elect Maryam Rajavi.

Major uprisings for change are anticipated when the people of Iran see some consistency and whole-heartedness in the moral and political support they receive in their quest for democratic change in Iran, especially from the U.S.

It seems the day is around the corner when the Iranian people and their organized resistance will get rid of the medieval stain from Iran and establish a system based on the ballot box.

California Society for democracy in Iran


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