Iran: Tales from Persia

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Persia. Iran. For 2,500 years, this powerful country has entranced and mystified the world.

Discover the ancient secrets and modern complexities of this influential land on a 13-day itinerary incorporating some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world. Welcome to the once-forbidden land of Iran.
November 20, 2016
December 6, 2016

Journey with on-the-ground experts who will help untangle this nation’s complex timeline. Starting in Tehran, you will journey across the country, through beautiful landscapes, arid mountains and rural villages, learning about the traditions and cultures of a land whose influence has been felt for thousands of years. Traveling in comfort, in a small, guided group along the way, your journey through Iran will provide you with a depth of understanding of this complicated place, which has been friend and foe, sometimes at the same time.
Its large population, long history, strong national identity and strategic location between the oil fields of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea (with the power of Russia to the north and India to the east) give it the ability to project power in the region. Though Iran often rejects Western ways, and is frequently under fire for its positions on human rights, its nuclear program and Israel, its role as a birthplace of civilization cannot be denied. This journey with The New York Times, praised for its intensive and clear-eyed coverage of Iran going back decades, takes you behind the headlines, deep into the conflicted and often conflict-filled past of one of the oldest cultures on earth.

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