Iran: Five executions in two days.The number of executions since the beginning of this year has reached 203

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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 18:37


The inhuman mullahs’ regime hanged  five people in past two days in cities of Semnan, Ahwaz and Ahar on July 1, 2. In Ahar Hanging was publicly.  ISNA state news agency on July 2 reported another execution in Ahwaz last week. The mullahs’ judiciary in Ahwaz said in this regard that it “will legally deal with those who disrupt public order and security, with authority”.

Two more prisoners was publicly hanged in Robat-karim (near Tehran) on June28.

The number of prisoners executed since the beginning of this year has reached 203. Some of executions have been secretly carried out  and Mullah’s regime  has never published any information about them.

The despicable mullahs’ regime, has reverted to increasing wave of suppression in order to prevent the spread of protests and intensify the atmosphere of fear and intimidation in the society.

The Iranian resistance calls upon all international bodies and human rights organizations to take immediate action to counter rising number of executions in Iran and calls for the referral of the dossier of human rights violations of the Iranian regime to the UN Security Council and its expulsion from the community of nations.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran July 3, 2012

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