Nasser Sharif

President of CSDI

Throughout his youth, Nasser Sharif promoted democracy and human rights in Iran. While part of an Iranian student group, he publicly opposed the clerical regime and its inhumane policies. But the dangers of his actions forced him to flee from his home in Iran.

Since his arrival to the United States, Nasser has been very active to voice the Iranian people’s desire for regime change. As such, he founded and became president of the California Society for Democracy in Iran (read About Us). Local, national and international media outlets have interviewed him, publishing his views in major news papers, many of which can be found on this website.

Delaram Ahmady - CSDI

Delaram Ahmady

Director of Youth Committee

Delaram pursues a major in Political Science and International Relations, and a Minor in Arabic at the University of California, Riverside. She’s an activist in women’s leadership and involved in a variety of humanitarian projects.

Delaram is passionate about bringing equality and empowerment to the Middle East, particularly to youth in Iran. She intends to further that aim as Director of CSDI’s Youth Committee, raising awareness of the general public and law makers about CSDI’s goals.

Behrang Borhani Portrait

Behrang Borhani

Director of Media Relations

Ben Borhani personally feels a great deal of compassion and responsibility towards the Iranian opposition and cause for freedom and democracy in Iran. He aims to create prosperity as a global leader, advocating and advising on international relations, human rights, and global security.

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